Bodhi Meditation Singapore Welcomes You

Bodhi Meditation Health and Happiness Retreat

Time: Refer to Class and Activities

Participants will learn the core of Bodhi Meditation practices and experience meditation in a systematic way which allows them to apply their newfound knowledge to life. Participants undergo physical and mental transformations within a short time and obtain the energy which purifies body and mind.

Stress Relief Meditation Class

Time: Refer to Class and Activities

Bodhi Meditation’s Stress Relief Meditation Class is designed for busy people – perfect for working adults, students, busy moms, and anyone looking to improve their health and energy levels. Wish your life was stress free? Join our meditation retreat to reduce stress, revitalize your body and mind, and take care of your mental and emotional well-being.

Group Practice

Time: Refer to Class and Activities

During the group practice, we will experience the purity and tranquility that meditation brings, make progress on the path of self-cultivation, and receive wisdom and blessings. In a short period of time, group practice allows practitioners to replenish their energy, relieve stress and fatigue, increase physical strength, open up wisdom, obtain health and happiness, and embark on an auspicious life journey.

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